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We are a team of 500 Startups and Ycombinator alums that enjoy building growth engines for tech companies.

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What we offer at Uptick Growth...


Content Creation

We have a team of 20+ Technical Content Writers capable of producing content on hard tech, fintech, and web development.

Email Marketing

We have helped edit emails that have gone out to millions of people.

 Growth-Engine Creation

We are likely the only content marketing production team you'll meet with hard engineering and industrial design backgrounds. This gives us an unfair advantage in building high performance content engines.

Our Team

The UptickGrowth team consists of 20+ writers, data scientists, developers, and online communities that are run and operated around different subjects like Titans of Fintech(new) and MLWeekly.(8k+ subscribers) 

Alex Jiang

Alex Jiang is a Front End Designer, Content, and UX specialist. Alex is a 500 Startups alum and bootstrapped 2 SaaS companies to significant revenues. He has created viral content that has been viewed by 100M+ and driven 100's of thousands of downloads. Alex was trained in Industrial and Product Design at ArtCenter College of Design.

Kumar Thangudu

Kumar is a technical marketing strategist and writer.
He is a Ycombinator alum and bootstrapped 2 Micro-SaaS Companies LinkTexting and GrowAmp growth to service Fortune 500 companies. Kumar was trained in Industrial Systems Engineering with a focus in Polymer-Textile-Fiber Fabrication and Engineering at Georgia Institute of Technology.

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