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This product helps token projects analyze and segment their web visitors. We consult with your team to find the most important KPIs to track and measure.

  • Time tracker for all visitors: so that you can accurately determine who are the most engaged visitors to your site

  • Heatmap: Visualize the mouse/scrolling patterns of visitors to your site. Find which blog articles are the most engaging to your audience.

  • We track which geography your site visitors are coming from, then group visitors into segments.  Our overall goal is to create a more comprehensive picture of your audience through data.
  • Intercom Automation: Intercom is an API that lets you message site visitors. We can automate a lot of messages that can be delivered through Intercom. 

Custom Visitor Data Analysis

The goal of landing page automation is to help blockchain teams become more data-driven and automated. We arm your team with the tools to measure and act on data from your website-visitors, social media, and other communities.

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